Ace Tantric Massage London

Tantra is also sometimes called Tantricsm and is an ancient philosophy dating back hundreds if not thousands of years. At Ace Massage, we believe unequivocally in this idea and concept and we handle every client from a comprehensive perspective, and guide them from the beginnings of Tantra or also work with people with more of an advanced level. Tantric treatment can reduce physical distress, obsessive trepidation and blame, emotional issues, intimacy issues in people and couples, promote sexual healing, helping the individual or couple to regain lost meaning and to explore new areas.

As erotic tantric specialists in London, we always get asked whether our sessions are just erotic massages. To put it plainly, the answer is "no". Tantra and Tantric massage includes a great deal more than this and we really perceive this as an all over therapy for body and spirit. Tantric treatment is a non-objective orientated, non-judgmental, procedure open to anyone looking to relax, get rid of excess tensions in body and mind or for those serious about tantra healing and explorational therapy

In your Tantric therapy session you will be taught to inhale deeply and completely, this aids in completely clearing everything from the mind, and in the process can teach control of sexual urges and frustrations. Through controlling a simple element such as breathing, we empower ourselves to deal with many common flaws or psychological problems that guys come up against like premature ejaculation and also being able to maintain and having sexual feelings with their partner Whenever Tantra is mentioned, people only think of Tantric sex, thus assumes that Tantric treatment is a sexual process which is most certainly not always the case as anyone involved in Tantric therapy can testify. Maybe the thought emerges that it is simply a basic happy ending massage, shrewdly called something else to camouflage a sexual experience. The reality of the matter is that Ace Massage will work on a range of elements of Tantra, with a full body massage but tutor and teach the client in the process on the realm of Tantric therapy

Imagine a situation in which Ace massage therapists could show you to really adore and value your body, make additionally fulfilling sexual encounters, and show you how to use that to overflow into day to day life as vitality, esteem, acknowledgment, bliss. Doesn’t this kind of thing appeal? Tantric massage helps you to recover your sexuality, instinct and initiative. It opens your eyes to see your body and your personality in from a different angle. It helps to rediscover your zest for life and sexual fulfilment.

If you make that first step, our tantric specialist will guide you all the way through this enchanting and exciting path. We will take you through a tender procedure acknowledging your limits and preferences, as we work in a casual and safe environment. Every masseuse has a profound compassion toward your health and you will be approached with respect and care.

When you contact us at Ace Massage London, you will enjoy pleasurable, sensual tantric massage with complete erotic nude therapy and stimulation by mind blowing hot masseuses. They will dazzle you from the moment you meet and their spellbinding approach to massage will have you wanting more and more. Our sexy massage babes cater for incall and outcall clients in London and we really do feel that our approach to erotic tantric massage therapy is both unique and professional and possibly even unmatched in London!

The benefits of tantric massage

Tantric massage is based on the art of tantra. It has been practiced for more than 9000 years. The origin of Tantra is said to be in the Himalayan Mountains in India. Religious leaders believed that the path to a higher form of ecstasy and liberation was a sexual ritual. A tantric massage is different from the usual massage in that it is known as the union of two opposite forces Yin and Yan. The aim of a tantric massage is to provide a person with sexual delight. A tantric massage has some benefits as compared to the usual massage. No single gender benefits from a tantric massage more than the other. Here are a few benefits of a tantric massage:

1. It helps in relieving stress

Today, stress has become a part of the life people are living. The pressure people have every day of making certain decisions, and the impact it has on their lives cannot be ignored. People need relief to enjoy their lives and live a stress-free life as much as possible. This is where the tantric massage comes in. It makes you feel light and clears your mind. It also helps you relax and forget all the stress and tension that could be bothering you. It 's nice to have a tantric massage every once in a while to help your body relax.

2. Emotional healing

The main aim of a tantric massage is emotional healing. A tantric massage will have good physical attributes, but it is also superb in providing emotional well-being. Most people assume that a tantric massage is just for arousal, but this is not the first aim. It is however well appreciated by the body. This is why most people call it an erotic massage.

3. Better health

Tantric massages improve blood flow throughout your body. It also enhances your overall emotional well-being and also decreasing the stress levels in your body. All of these will lead to better health. A tantric massage leaves you with an improved emotional and physical health. The tantric massage also helps you improve your breathing. It is combined with some breathing techniques known as the pranayama. If exercise regularly, these techniques combined with a tantric massage improves your exercising capabilities and alertness. In times of injury and diseases, improved breathing and relaxation improves healing time significantly.

4. Blood pressure

A tantric massage relieves the blood pressure if done regularly and combined with the breathing techniques. When the body and mind are relaxed, the blood pressure stays at the normal level. Remember stress causes the heart to beat faster increasing the blood pressure. A tantric massage is a good solution for this. Most people confuse a tantric massage with an erotic massage. They might be similar, but they do not serve the same purpose. An erotic massage is only meant for sexual arousal while a tantric massage has many other health benefits apart from sexual arousal.

Fancy Nuru Massage in London?

Nuru is a form of erotic massage technique that requires one or more masseuses to rub their bodies against the client’s body. In a Nuru massage, both parties should be nude and covered with tasteless and odorless massage oil. Having a massage relaxes the body and relieves tension. This makes you feel lighter and stress-free. The word nuru originated from the Japanese language, and it means smooth or slippery.

The Nuru massage is a full body sexy massage like no other. It is a popular massage technique in Japanese bath houses for several decades. The Nuru gel is heated to a comfortable temperature and then it is applied to the parties when they are completely nude. The masseuse who is mostly a lady rubs and glides her body over her client. This causes a unique sensation that is arousing. Nuru massage is also known as a body slide. There is also a version of nuru that uses soap instead of the special Nuru gel. The Nuru massage is a full body and orgasmic massage. It awakens all the sexual sensitivities of your body and takes you on an adventurous journey which will have a happy ending.

Nuru is a natural product that is made with nori which is an edible seaweed normally used in sushi. Nuru gel is the most slippery lubricating massage oil that is in use until today. It is colorless and does not stain or damage fabric materials. It also contains aloe vera an ingredient that is good for revitalizing and moisturizing the skin. The Nuru gel is applied to a large area of the body and during the massage; the masseuse will try to get the widest possible body contact with the client. The masseuse will use her entire body on the client who is being treated.

A Nuru massage is an ancient art of relaxation. It provides you with an experience like no other arousing your inner feelings and sensations. During a Nuru massage, every part of your body is fully massaged giving pleasure and relaxation where you need it. If you are feeling stressed, tired or feeling pain in your body, it’s the high time you tried out the Nuru massage. The massage is based on stimulation of muscles directing the flow of energy using pressure, movements, and friction on the muscles.

Experience Sensual Nuru Massage

To experience the best of a Nuru massage, it is best that you as the client be prepared to let go of every kind of stress in your mind. For the masseuse, a Nuru massage is not like any other massage. It requires perfect movements and techniques. Nuru is expanding from Japan where it originated to other parts of the world. As the client, you have to remember that an erotic massage does not mean providing sexual service. However, all this depends on your masseuse. If you are seeking pleasure, go for a Nuru massage, and you will not be disappointed. You will come out of the massage parlor with your skin revitalized and feeling relaxed and stress-free.