Sensual Massage


Sensual massage London

A sensual massage is excellent in building and improving intimacy with your partner. It also enhances the connection between the partners. One partner is the giver of the massage, and the other one is the recipient. A sensual massage is different from other types of massage because there are no boundaries that exist in other forms of massage. The two of you are in a boundless relationship, and you have offered to give the massage which the other partner has accepted. This means that there is no worry when it comes to touching each other’s intimate and mostly referred to as private areas. A massage is a skill that needs to be mastered before you can give a quality massage. There are massage techniques that the masseuse should learn so that what he or she does to the other person or the partner feels good and fulfilling.

Most people tend to ask, is a sensual massage erotic? The answer is yes. The principal idea of a sensual massage is to arouse sexual or erotic feelings. It is given with intimacy and care and also with the intention of arousal of the body. A sensual massage gives a person both an emotional and physical experience. A sensual massage concentrates more on giving the actual massage with the arousal of the whole body unlike other types of massage which don’t involve arousal.

A sensual massage should be founded on a great therapeutic massage that is given firmly gently to promote relaxation of the muscles or a combination of relaxation and working the muscles. In a sensual massage, the masseur is usually naked as the main aim is to arouse sexual desires. The masseur will touch the receiver with parts of his or her whole body when giving the massage.

No single gender benefits from a sexual massage more than the other. Everyone receives the same benefits, but it can vary from person to person because people have different and unique life experiences. In men, a sensual massage can be used to overcome premature ejaculation, loss of libido, sexuality exploration, and fear of intimacy. A sex therapist will recommend a sensual massage to a couple if the feel like they need to revamp their sex life. In women, the sensual massage helps ladies with the fear of intimacy and it also helps in making them feel their bodies being sexually aroused and stimulated without feeling like they will be judged.

Why we should have sensual massage

A sensual massage is all about caring for ourselves through another person. As much as the sensual massage will arouse the feelings in your body, it also helps in relaxing. It might not be a massage like any other, but it relieves pressure in the body. Remember arousal and sensual stimulation is an important part of the massage but reaching an orgasm is optional. This is more effective on couples than individuals looking forward to relaxing their body. For partners, it is important to visit a massage therapist to show you how to give an effective sensual massage.